Moixa GridshareTM

What is Moixa Gridshare™?

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It is a scheme where all registered members allow Moixa HQ to intelligently monitor the status of their storage system. Allowing Moixa to balance the requirements of the National Grid when required.

Main Key Benefits:

- Receive an annual payment from Moixa of £50.00 for the first 3 years (receive after 3 years)

- Extended ‘Lifetime’ Warranty (for as long as you remain a registered member of the scheme)

- Moixa HQ monitoring of your system to ensure maximum efficiency

- No fixed contract term. You can ‘opt out’ of the scheme, at any point in the future

An intelligent way to maximise your Solar PV investment return and further reduce energy bills.

- Utilise more of your energy generation

- Store more of your unused energy for night period use

- Maximise full use of your PV array generation

- Significantly reduce your annual electricity consumption

- Maximises Solar PV investment return

- Simple, no fuss & fast installation

- System Web Based monitoring

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- Fit & forget technology

- Compatible with ANY Solar PV Configuration

- Intelligently monitored, adapted & upgraded remotely

- Generate extra income through ‘Moixa Gridshare™’

- Your installation will be carried out by a manufacturer accredited installer and overseen remotely by Moixa

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