Product Details – Key Features & Benefits:

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You’ve already made a good investment, no make it work harder!

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array Generation Electricity Storage Systems

Use your Solar PV system during the day and at night too!

Solar PV systems just became a whole lot better…

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Investing in our state of the art, green energy technology storage systems ensures that a greater proportion of the Watts generated by your Solar PV.

An array is used for the sole purpose of lowering your annual electricity bills, without affecting your quarterly ‘Feed-in-Tariff” generation payments.

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Store some of the energy your Solar PV system would normally export back to the national grid and automatically feed this energy back in to your home, typically when your Solar PV panels cease working at night. This ensures a contribution to your electricity supply, reducing the amount of electricity you would normally be purchasing during night periods.

- Maximise Solar PV investment return and store unused Solar PV generated energy without affecting ‘Feed In Tariff’ payments

- Fit & forget technology

- Compatible with ANY Solar PV configuration

- Intelligently monitored, adapted and software upgraded remotely

- All installations carried out by manufacturer accredited installers and overseen remotely by Moixa

- Generate extra income through membership of the Moixa GridshareTM scheme and benefit from free Warranty extension, whilst you continue to be a member of the scheme

innovative lifestyle solutions!

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